What we sow in Kindness will return in a harvest of surprises.

We all have choices everyday in how we live our life.  The older I get the more I realize that most people could care less about how they live their lives.  It seems that it’s become more and more a world of self survival.  Everyone appears to be totally self-involved and care only for how far ahead of the other person they can be.  Whether it’s waiting on line in traffic to have someone who doesn’t feel they have to wait on line but rather ride up on the outside lane only to try and cut in front of everyone who politely waited in line.  Or it’s the person who pushes past you in the supermarket to get the last item on the shelf. What we sow in kindness will return in a harvest of surprises.  Yes, this is what eventually happens but most people are unaware.  Good works and kindness are like seeds that multiply, we plant a seed and receive a harvest of gratitude.  However, if we only give to others only to receive something back, our hopes are dashed.  Give to others because it’s a blessing to be able to give. Give to others because it’s a gift to yourself.  Know that in the process of thinking and caring about another, you will be blessed with a harvest of surprises.

About pambaknj

I am retired living in VA with my husband and our two dogs. I have two children that still reside in NJ and one wonderful grandson. I am an avid knitter, reader and yogi. I also volunteer at a local hospital as well as for Hospice.
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